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Backlink Tracker - Back Link Tracking Software
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Backlink Checker Tool

There is no need for you to sift through web pages to track links, hoping to confirm that backlinks to your website are still active. With our Automated Backlink Tracker, you can quickly and easily locate your links and transfer them to your account. Once there, managing them and having the reassurance that they are readily available to prospective customers is a breeze.

Reciprocal Link Exchange Tracker

You want peace of mind in knowing that the links you’ve arranged for exchange with other domains on the web continue to be “live.” BacklinkTracker’s Link Tracking Software can provide it for you. Should any of your links be hidden or rendered ineffective with “nofollow” code, we will make you aware of it - each and every time.

Link Building Management

We relate to your need to have optimized search engine rankings for your business’ website. With that aim in mind, BacklinkTracker’s Link Tracking Software also offers a powerful SEO link building management tool for you to add to your online marketing arsenal. In no time, you’ll realize that being increasingly visible to customers online is a very realizable goal.

Start Implementing More Effective Link Building Strategies

The value of link building continues to expand for business owners looking to get the most out of their online presence. Moving quickly and effectively to take advantage of the link building opportunity is key. Here you have a means of conducting effective link building strategies, strategies that look beyond “the next link” towards the bigger picture of maximizing your link building efforts.

  • Track Your Keyword Campaigns
  • Steer Clear of "nofollow" Backlinks
  • Confirm Your Paid Links remain LIVE
  • Maintain Agreements With Your Link Exchange Partners

Clinet Testimonials

images “I’m a small business owner, and last year I began establishing backlinks as a means of routing potential customers to my site. I was wholly unaware that my links could be rendered ineffective with nofollow code or by simply being “dropped.” Fortunately the possibility of it was brought to my attention and when I put the effort into tracking a number of them – lo and behold, some of my paid links had in fact suffered such a demise.
I don’t have the time or inclination to follow each backlink I’ve invested in, so I’m more than happy and pleased with the security I have with Backlink Tracker Service. I’m well aware of the value my links have to generating new business, and it is nice to know these guys have my back.”
--Kelvin G.